Friday, December 4, 2009

Rebuttal To Kill The MAPS Tax's Top 10 List: No. 2

KMT states:

2. Sales Taxes Are Regressive.

I wouldn’t object to an exemption of groceries (specifically unprepared foods) from city sales tax (ideally, all sales tax). I also agree that sales taxes place a heavier burden on those with lower incomes. However, I definitely disagree with the statement that “the upper and upper middle class people pushing MAPS3 ridicule those who complain over “a few dollars a month.”


Let’s set the record straight: I’d definitely consider my family a middle-class family. We lead a relatively comfortable existence. Until recently, I was the sole income provider for our family of four by choice. I also recently decreased the number of paying jobs I hold from three down to two. I don’t ridicule someone to whom ten dollars a month may matter a great deal. I ridicule someone who tries to use class and income to divide me from my neighbors. This has nothing to do with lattes, spam, shoes or formula. I’m a father and husband who wants his family’s home to be the best it can, and offer opportunities for growth and recreation. It’s worth my sacrifice to make this city…OUR CITY…a better place. What the KMT’s should realize is that I won’t begrudge their use of the fruits of my sacrifice. I will begrudge, however, their attempt to interfere with my efforts to better our city for their own selfish agendas. JFK stated that “a rising tide lifts all the boats”. Our river finally has water. Now we’re trying to raise more boats.