Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Avoid Controversy? How About Avoid Effort?

Seriously? People are even considering voting for this person? The Lost Ogle has more:

Mary Fallin will work hard…but not TOO hard

The money section? "if Mary is such a hard worker for the state of Oklahoma, it makes me curious why she goes relentlessly dodges tough questions. Remember, she refused to debate Randy Brogdon leading up to the primary. What will she do as governor? Delay the “State of the State” address until Joe Dorman and Andrew Rice leave the room (under the current political climate, they may be the only Democrats in congress by the time she is called on to make such a speech)? Pause the TiVo until everyone who doesn’t think her American Idol candidate should win leaves her house? .... I don’t know, but whatever she does, I doubt it will be difficult for her."

Could be sloth...or just plain old-fashioned fear about being expected to take a position. However, Momma Grizz has just the thing for times like that.