Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Long Road of Startups

Jeff Greene is a man with a message and a mission. He truly believes that his company, MedEncentive, can revolutionize health care. Many other people are inclined to agree with him in theory, but few were willing to put their money up to validate his thesis.

Until now.

Seven years after starting MedEncentive, Jeff's company has been adopted by their first major medical carrier. There are so many lessons in this story - being ahead of the market; the battles of hearts vs. minds vs. wallets; and so on. The story that inspires this post, however, is Jeff's unwavering commitment to his company and his idea that doctors and patients, when provided a system based on evidence and outcomes, could produce superior health outcomes while being paid to do so. I encourage you all to dig into Jeff's story. Not every startup will succeed, and MedEncentive still has plenty of ground to cover. Still, the story is so instructive about committing to a vision for the long haul.

Congrats, Jeff. Best wishes for continued stamina and success, in that order.

Validating MedEncentive’s ‘Answer’ | i2E – Innovation to Enterprise:

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